Cycle Bali, Canoe Bali, Clean Bali, Conserve Bali

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Welcome to C.Bali Canoeing & Cycling Cultural - Small Tours!

Cycle Bali

ad_squareOn a C.Bali cycle tour our emphasis is on culture, not the ride, the bicycles are just the best way to explore the small tracks around the villages. This is not a downhill bike tour from Kintamani. This is a small group (maximum 6 people) cultural tour hosted by Westerners that can help you truly understand the Balinese culture by taking you on a leisurely short ride through sleepy traditional villages and farmlands in the District of Kintamani, with breathtaking scenery. Your hosts will introduce you to the locals and translate for you as these somewhat shy traditional Balinese share their culture and beliefs. You have time to stop and take photos and soak in this amazing part of Bali that should not be missed. Visit the local school (profits go to the school) and be immersed in the lives of these beautiful Balinese people.  For more details see our Tour Packages. Cycle Bali Now!


C.Bali Tour Dates & Availability

Our group sizes are small, and we only hold a few tours a week, so don't miss out!



Care Bali

LadyC.Bali offer free medical care to the elders (and the young from poorer families) in 2 villages. Elderly Balinese are often scared of Western Medicine and too scared to leave their villages to go see a Doctor or to hospital.  On our Cultural Tours we often take the opportunity if we are riding past to stop in and check on our elderly patients as they are often alone when their families are out working. If you are on one of our Cultural Tours you may find yourself visiting some very special people in need of medical care or in need of just a friendly face. You can help to put a smile on their faces too.

Climb Bali


C.Bali offer climbing of Mt Batur if you add on to one of our our day tours. Mt Batur is an active volcano of 1700 metres. The climb requires a local registered guide to show you the unmarked trail and to give an offering to the God Dewa Gunung half way up the climb. C.Bali only use registered guides that know the area and can share the stories of the last eruptions.  The climb is for sunset and include accommodation close to the mountain for a few hours before your climb and then you can have a hot shower and hot breakfast upon descent. Climb Mt Batur with one of our combined tour packages. Climb Bali Now!


Canoe Bali

Canoe BaliAdd this to your list of 'Things to Do in Bali'. C.Bali is the only tour company that offers canoeing on Lake Batur, Kintamani " The Holy Lake". Enjoy this magical and tranquil experience surrounded completely by "Holy Mountains" and only local fishermen (maximum Group size is 7 people). Lake Batur sits under the shadows of the magnificent three, Mt Batur, Mt Abang and Mt Agung, a rare opportunity to paddle the lake, there are no other water sports on the Lake. On a C.Bali canoe tour be one of the few that have an opportunity to float on a lake in the middle of a giant volcanic crater. Book your Canoe Tour now or choose a combination Canoe, Cycle and Cultural Tour! For more details go to Tour Packages.

Children Bali

School C.Bali's main focus is the Kedisan Primary School in the Village where our tours are held. Our tours help us sustain the financial support we give to the school and Kindergarden by supplying uniforms, books, building maintenance and repairs. Without the support of our guests our school and kindergarten would not be where it is today.  C.Bali beleive by building the capacity of the children of the village with a strong education, the future of this Traditional Village is bright. The school provides a National education system with some extras such as environmental studies, bank account savings; and the children are taught to read and write Basa Bali (along with Bahasa Indonesian), to preseve their language.

Conserve Bali

dsc_1405C.Bali are dedicated to sustainable tourism. C.Bali's sustainable practices are not only to care for the environment but to conserve the culture of these small Lakside villages in the District of Kintamani by only bringing small groups of tourists to the area.  C.Bali observe all local customs and culture and work together with the villagers to ensure that tourism in the area does not affect or disturb the everyday village life. C.Bali tours are about educating tourists that not all Balinese wish to commercialise their villages and they welcome you as a guest into their world. See a side of Kintamani away from the Hawkers. Conserve Bali now!