How to Book

Bookings are done via this website only, no phone bookings, a booking form needs to be completed and a deposit paid at the time of booking to reserve your places

Choose Your Tour Date

Once you have chosen which tour you wish to do, just visit that page and click on the date in the calendar you wish to join us to see how many places are still available.

Bookings close at 5pm the day prior to a tour

Places Available

If there are enough places left, click on Seats Available.

For solo travelers: you will need to wait until others have booked so if it says 6 seats available you will not be able to book as yet. We require a minimum of 2 people to do a tour

To Book

You will come to the information page about that particular date, it will have any information about special events on that date, restrictions to pick up areas (due to road closures, religious holidays etc, any surcharges on that particular date etc).

Click on the green CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW to open the booking form.

Before filling in the booking form, make sure you have your credit card or PayPal account details ready.
Buy now with PayPal

Fill in the Booking Form

It is important you fill in the name your hotel is booked under in case we need to ring your hotel to change a pick up time etc, otherwise they may say you are not staying there.

Hotels also use the country on your passport to identify you, so put in the country on your passport, not the country you live in at present.

Bookings close off at 5pm the day before a tour

Your hotel pick up details

It is important to check that you are staying in an area where we can collect you.

Ubud is the busiest place on the Island and many hotels advertise as Ubud, but are actually 30 minutes away, so you can check our Ubud Map for areas we collect from, or where you can meet us in Ubud

Kerobokan Hotels sometimes advertise as the more famous Seminyak, however there are different surcharges for each, Kerobokan is also an extremely busy area and long traffic jams expected so we need to charge more for there, so again check our Map.

Pick Up Locations

If you don't see your hotel area listed then we do not pick up from there.

If you are staying in the Lake area, we also do not pick up from there as we are the first village as you approach the Lake, so we would need to go out further and back to collect you.  Unless you are in Kedisan village (which you can walk) 

If you are booking far in advance and do not know your hotel yet, that is fine, we need to know a few days prior to the tour though as we have to adjust other guests pick up times around your time. Just put Not Available Yet and pick an area you think you will stay in, again check it is a pick up area

Deposit Payable

When you fill in the booking form click the Pay Deposit button to complete to form, we do not receive the booking form without payment of a deposit.

We use PayPal for a secure payment method, you can pay by credit card, you do not need to create a PayPal account.

We cannot confirm a booking without a deposit paid, our office is located at the Lake area so it is not possible for you to pay a cash deposit (unless you are a the Lake of course). Please avoid any disappointment by asking us if you to pay full tour amount in cash on the day. of the tour.


We do not have any other method for receiving deposits, we cannot take your credit card information as we do not have credit card facitilities.

If you have any problems trying to book once you arrive in Indonesia, we can send you a PayPal invoice payable by credit card on a smart phone or tablet.

Try not to leave this till the last minute or there will not be time to do this, we may be on tour etc.

Booking Confirmation

Your booking confirmation will be sent by email, once we have checked your hotel location etc.

Your booking confirmation will contain all the information you need for your tour, including pre-tour information, balance due on the day, what to wear, what to bring and your exact pick up time.

If you do not receieve it within 24 hours, please check your SPAM folder, even better add to your email whitelist now so over zealous spambots don't hide it from you

Want us to drop you at another hotel after your tour?

We understand that sometimes our tour dates fall on a date you are changing hotels and it may be easier for you to be dropped at your next hotel.

Unfortunately we do not have a lot of room in our vehicle for luggage, so although we would love to help you out, your luggage most likely will not fit. We have room for 1 small bag (small day pack) per person only.

You can check our luggage guide, it would most likely not be possible in the peak season, but in the quieter times not all tours are full and we may be able to fit in some extra Day packs.

For overnight tours extra luggage is included and changing hotels is fine.
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