Nyepi Day of Silence

Nyepi Day of Silence

SSSSSHHHsssshhhh.....Not long now till our favorite date in the calendar. Nyepi - Bali's Day of Silence 28 March 2017. 

What happens on Nyepi? - it's the start of a New Year and the new year starts with no cars, no motorbikes, the airport is closed, no fire shall be lit, including electricity, no radio or TV station can broadcast for 24 hours, no working; no entertainment or pleasure; no traveling; and, for some Balinese, no talking or eating at all. It’s a time for reflection; many reflect on the past year and meditate and clear the mind for the next year. We have to be very very quiet ssshhh. 

March 9 celebrates the start of the New Year in Saka Calendar; it will be then be 1938 in the Bali Calendar, it feels like 1938 in Kedisan village where we do our tours, unlike the rest of Bali where you know you are at least in the Millennium, well most of the time.

The night before, however is extremely loud, where OGOH OGOH's are paraded through streets, then burnt (if a village still allows this), or at least destroyed

So, if you are in Bali at this time, we recommend 3 things you must do:

1. Ask the hotel staff where will the Ogo Ogo parade be near you. Go, you can even walk in the parade (make sure you wear a sarong, a shirt and a sash, and please no bikinis this day). The energy walking in these parades is euphoric.

2. Go outside on Nyepi Eve, not out of your hotel grounds, but just on the balcony or out the front into the grounds, and look up. You will never see the stars like this again until next Nyepi.

3. Get out of your hotel the next day and just look at the horizon, you will see further than you have before, you will see the volcanoes, you may see as far as Lombok, the air is soooo clean, just take a deep breath, we just saved up to 30,000 tons of carbon emissions the day before.

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