Groups of 5 or 6 people

How to Find a Date for your Group

If you have 5-6 people and can't find a date that suits, if you get in early enough we should be able to do any tour on any date (not Mondays)

Sometimes, we can change another tour for you if there are no bookings on those dates. You can check for yourself if there are still ALL "seats available" on the calendar".  In peak season this may not be possible but we will try our best.
Our tour dates are approved by the Village Heads 3 months in advance.

Sorry, we cannot do a tour with more than 6 people on a Tour

PLEASE DO NOT ASK US, it will only lead to disappointment.

Not only do we not have the equipment, we made a commitment to this traditional village NEVER to bring large groups and we have stuck to that commitment for 8 years.

We also do not have the room in the vehicle for more than 6 people (including children)

For a Group of 6 we do not charge any peak season or fuel surcharges
In peak season we can only change the date if you are filling the tour date, so you need 5-6 people.

Minimum of 4 adults required during peak season.

A small child will still take the seat of an adult in the vehicle, no children sitting on laps!

No children under 4 years are allowed on tour.

There must be a ratio of 2 adults per small child (ages 4-6 years)

Note: We are closed Mondays- no exceptions! please do not ask us. 

We have other dates marked in the calendar as closed - please do not ask us, we cannot accomodate you on closed dates, we have been told by Relgious Heads - no tours on those dates.
With a Group we can tailor a tour to suit you (minimum 5 people). See below.

More Tour options open for 5 or 6 people

Add on Hot Springs or take off cycling

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