Kintamani, Traditional Area

Kintamani District is famous for it's active volcano Mt Batur and it's stunning scenery. Lake Batur is also an amazing site, this Lake sits in the caldera of an Ancient volcano, the caldera was formed nearly 30,000 years ago. Mt Batur is popular with climbers or just day trippers that wish to photograph this amazing landscape. There are also Hot Springs in the area, to soak away the afternoon.
What's the weather like in Kintamani today?

Where is Kintamani?

Kintamani is located in the North East mountains, Kintamani is a district with 46 villages, the most visited village is Penelokan, where tourists stop to view the volcano and the Lake. The air is much cooler in the mountains, in the raining season the clouds come in and cover the view from this popular spot by the early afternoon, so you need to get up there early to capture it's beauty.

How to get to Kintamani?

You can choose various tours that include this area. You can see all of the beauty in a day trip. Or you can arrange your own driver, it's a 2 hour drive from Kuta and a 1 hour drive from Ubud, make sure you get a Balinese driver if you want to go further into the villages (preferrably one from the Kintamani or Bangli area).

Chosing a C.Bali Tour will show you the area and the proceeds stay in the area: our morning Canoe Tour for example includes a stop at the Rice Terraces in Tegalallang, the Mt Batur (Penelokan) lookout and you can even add on the Hot Springs to really soak in all the area has to offer.

Transport, meals and entry fees for our all our tours is included in the tour cost and pick up is available from all the major tourist areas.

C.Bali offer small group tours of this area

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