Walk in Canoe Tour

Canoeing is strictly a morning activity

Please do not go to the Lake area unless a date is advertised on this page!

We only hold canoe tours twice a week and only in the mornings!


300,000IDR per person
Small children (aged 4-6), if they can fit in the canoe with 2 adults will be free (if not they are charged as a person)

Only available for dates advertised on this page, these dates are generally advertised 24 hours before a tour.  

Tour Details

  • Morning canoeing (2 hours) on Lake Batur
  • Bottled water
  • Top quality canoes and life jackets
  • Towel provided but there are no changing rooms
  • Camera
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock
  • Hat (one that cannot blow off)
  • Dress Modestly (adults must cover to the knee)
  • Flip flops/thongs/aqua socks (footwear that can get wet)
  • START: 9.00am
  • END:   11.30am

Add on - Breakfast start time is 8.30am
Add on - Lunch end time is 12.30pm
The amount of physical effort required for these tours is medium. For example, you need to be able to walk to the Lake (150 metres) carrying your canoe and gear, you have 2 hours of paddling (if calm conditions you will not need to paddle the whole time).

These trips are suited to just about anyone, even younger kids. No experience required. Whether you’ve done the activity before or it’s your first ever time ever canoeing you can join us, training will be provided.


  • Adult:             35,000 IDR
  • Child (8-12):   35,000 IDR


  • Adult:             55,000 IDR
  • Child (8-12):   40,000 IDR


  • Adult:             90,000 IDR
  • Child (8-12):   75,000 IDR
Canoeing Lake Batur is strictly a morning activity!

Due to the high winds in the afternoon the conditions are not suitable for canoeing.

Lake Batur is a sacred Lake and we have special permission for certain days only, this is a very special experience and we ask you respect the Lake and its special meaning to the Balinese people
If you have a small child aged 4-6 and they can fit with 2 adults they will be free (if they are tall or your adults are tall this is not possible so cannot be free and you will pay for them as a separate person).  

They must however, be able to walk unassisted to the Lake (ie: you cannot carry them as you will be carrying your canoe and equipment).  If you need to carry them you will pay extra as we need extra staff to carry your canoe.
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