Low Price Trekking - the concept

Our Low Price Concept

The Concept

The Concept

Its simple, this price is only offered if you have carry on luggage and you join our day tour guests. We can't possibly offer a price this low otherwise!

If you have larger luggage than you will need to pay more as we wont be able to fit in our day tour guests, a bit like an airline cheap fare, the luggage surcharge prices are available here

On Day 2, you pay for where you want to go next, transport is available to most parts of Bali, see below

Its all transparent and you pay for only what you need.

Baggage size restrictions, will be strictly applied. Guests with more than the applicable small baggage allowance will need to pay extra charges.

Transport on Day 2 Costs

Day 2 Transport not included in price

Groups (4-6 people)

If you have a group that wants a private tour, not with other day guests please enquire with your hotel pick up/drop off locations and how much luggage and we will send you a quote.

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