Mt Agung Tourist Information and Latest Updates

The latest up to date information on Mt Agung, including information on how to read charts and other important information such as mask types, ash clouds and airport information

Histogram of Tremors until midnight 1 February 2018 - with chart legend in English

Letusan – Ash Eruption

Hembusan – Steam/Gas/Ash mixed burst a very shallow earthquake / surface earthquake at a depth of 10 - 100 mtr which immediately appears to come out in the form of gas or smoke.

Microtremor – Volcanic Micro-tremor

Tremor non-harmonic – Non Harmonic Tremor - earthquakes caused by magmatic fluid (magmata or gas) flows in the neck of magma at depths between 5 -10 km from the crater.

Tremor Harmonic – Harmonic Tremor - earthquakes caused by the flow of fluid (rock / gas) magmata in the neck of the magma in the depth - + 4 km from the crater.

Low Frekuensi – Low Frequency Tremor - Earthquakes lacking energy in the higher frequencies, (LV) earthquakes are caused by cracks resonating as magma and gases move toward the surface.*

Vulkanik Dangkal - Shallow Volcanic Tremor - Volcanic shallow (VTB) is fracturing volcanic rocks within the body due to the movement of magma dg depth as far as 2 s / d 5 km.

Vulkanik Dalam – Deep Volcanic Tremor - Deep Volcanic (VTA) is fracturing volcanic rocks within the body due to the movement of magma dg depth as far as 5 s / d 10 km.

Gempa Terasa  - Earthquakes felt (MMI) - MMI stands for Modified Mercalli intensity and describes the feel by humans of a recorded quake

Tektonik Lokal – Tectonic Tremor at Agung - earthquakes occurring in fault structures around the volcano as a result of the movement of magma.

Tektonik Jauh -  Tectonic Tremor not Agung (earthquakes) earthquakes that occur in tectonic structures that are not directly related to volcanoes. (Earthquakes which are also captured by a seismograph tool)

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Source: DR. Devy Kamil Syahbana, Ka Sub Bid. East Kalimantan Volcano Monitoring Mitigation, PVMBG 
*Source: USGS

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