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Overnight Eruption Activity 23 January 2018 (4 minor eruptions)

Activity Summary


Volcanic: Signal eruptions


Recorded at :


02: 31 Local Time for 65 seconds, 

2:45 local time for 92 seconds, 

02:49 local time for 404 seconds 

02: 57 local time for 121 seconds. 


The ash cloud is not visible due to the thick fog coverage, but the glow from the crater is observed at 02:45 local time. Eruption does not continue


High volcano ash cloud was not visible


Other Volcanic Information: The wind moves to the East-Southeast.


Caption: In the final hour, seismic activity is dominated by a strong earthquakes recorded at all seismic stations within 15 km of the crater. In the last 6 hours, high amplitudity continuity tremors are recorded only by seismic stations within 6 km of the crater. This vibration occurs during heavy rains, therefore most likely associated with flooding and / or lava.


Submitted by: Dr. Devy Kamil Syahbana, S.Si.


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