Your pre-Bali holiday plan

While Mt Agung Volcano VONA (Aviation status) is still at Orange (increased potential of eruption with minor volcanic-ash emissions) it is a good idea to put a contingency plan in place before you get on the plane.....just in case of more ash delays.
Come to Bali prepared so you can relax on your holiday.

Flight Delays




Things you need to plan for before coming


It is important you bring over some masks, just in case, you can leave them with locals when you leave.

The best ones are N95 type, there are many brands and types, if bringing children it important you have masks that fit correctly, try them on before you leave home.

Most masks are disposable and have a recommended 1 day single use, however can be used until clogged or breathing difficult, so bring enough for the whole holiday, just in case.  Goggles are also needed, if the kids already have swim goggles, these will be suitable.

Your job

Don't forget to let your employer know you are going to Bali.  Discuss with your employer contingency plans.

Can you work remotely, is there a person who can do you job while you are gone? Discuss openly with your employer about your plans should there be an ash cloud delay. Discuss how long you can stay away from work and the alternative routes out of Bali and how long they will take etc.

If you have your own business the same will apply with talking to your staff.


Make sure you bring enough for double the length of your holiday. 

Some Australian prescription medications (including strong painkillers such as morphine and codeine, sleeping pills and medications for ADHD) are considered illegal narcotics under Indonesian law. Other medications such as paracetamol, antidiarrhoeals and antibiotics won't be a problem but if you're at all concerned about your medication, check with the Indonesian embassy. For a fee, they can write you a Certified Letter of Approved Medicines; however, their website warns: "The letter is neither for legality purpose nor providing guarantee that you will be exempted from any checks and legal consequences that may arise."

Tip: No matter where you travel, you should carry all medications (even vitamins) in their original packaging, along with their original prescription. It's also a good idea to carry a letter from your doctor explaining what the medications are (using generic names, what they're for and dosage instructions).

Ladies: note that Tampons are hard to come by and very expensive so plan ahead

Pets and Plants

If you intend on having someone to look after your pets and water your plants, discuss with them the longest time they can continue to do this so that you know they will still be looked after.

Have a back up person just in case.

If animals are staying at a Kennel make sure your discuss what will happen if delayed with the Kennel staff.

Children and Babies

If you are bringing babies that are on formula, be aware that there was a shortage when Rinjani ash delays closed the airport.

When the airport is closed supplies cannot come in by plane, and as it is coming into the wet season, supply boats cannot come over when there are rough seas.

Babies and children will need to stay inside, a mask can be used for transporting to the a car etc for a child, a baby will need to be completely covered for that short trip.

Do not stay in an open aired accommodation with children, they need to be in an airtight room.

They can get bored easily, so plan at least 3 days of entertainment.

Consider power cut offs, check if you hotel has a generator and how many hours per day will they run it.

Keep extra supplies in your room, extra bottled water especially.

We suggest with children you choose a hotel that has a TV with lots of kids channels and that has room service just in case you have to spend a long period in your room.

Long term carparking

Don't forget that if you are using long term parking at the airport or elsewhere that you look at their policies and also advise them you are going to Bali, make sure you have a contact email or phone number for them so if you are delayed, you can contact them if need be.

Don't forget to allow extra money for the extra time your car is parked if you are delayed, so there is no problem collecting it when you arrive back home.

Let the Bank know

Many people bring only cash to Bali and a bank card/credit card only as a backup.  If you are delayed, you may have to revert to the card.   So, don't forget to let your bank know you are travelling overseas as sometimes they stop the card when they see overseas transactions, they report it as suspicious activity.  Get a phone number to call or details on how to contact your bank should there be any delays.


Its so nice to go on a holiday and leave the phone at home. 

During this time we recommend you have a phone on you on your holiday.  This way, if there are delays the airline can contact you.  If you don't bring a phone then you need to give your email address as a contact, be aware internet cafes and hotels with computers for guest use are rare here now, so you will need to bring your own laptop etc.

Don't forget to discuss your phone plan with your provider and know how to set it up for international roaming, without the huge bill.  Also ask them about if you are delayed how can you extend the service etc from Bali.

Register where you are staying

Make sure you register with your countries traveller service, for example in Australia it is called smarttravller.

Many people that have been to Bali before fill in false hotel addresses and phone numbers on immigration cards etc so they are not hassled by telemarketers.  This is not a time to do this, if there is an incident of a major scale the Indonesian Government will need to provide to your government with your whereabouts and safety, that can’t be done if you put you are staying at Hotel Donald Duck

Note: if there is a larger eruption the electricity can be cut off in Bali as volcanic ash can be conductive so it is really important people know where to contact you.

Please give your family and friends the exact details of the hotels you are staying in while in Bali and the dates you will be at each hotel, with the phone numbers and when you check in just send them a message letting them know your room number.


Check that your travel insurance is covered for all of Indonesia, not just Bali.  You may have thought to get ash coverage but if you need to get a bus to another Island, say Lombok or over to Java and have an accident you may not be covered as you are no longer in Bali.

Update on Mt Agung

Asking a local if there is an ash cloud is like asking a child if they want to go to bed early. If you watch the media they may sensationalize to sell a story.

While in Bali it is important that you do keep up to date with the correct information, but do not spend every day watching it.

In order to know if there are ash clouds you can check the BOM website. If will also mention if there is an eruption.

OR You can check our site for regular updates updated every 6 hours, or earlier if need 

This is important, to know if you may require to wear a mask or if your flight will be delayed.

Looking up at the sky will not help as most of the time ash is invisible, unless you are closer to the volcano, then it can come dine as a fine powder or grainy sand.

If there is no electricity for a few days, then you are going to have to find a reliable source for your information.  We suggest you ask the local police rather than a Hotel owner who is scared you will check out earlier.


No electricty

We live in an age of technology, however Bali has a lot of power failures, so if the electricty is off for a few days for safety, then you need to be prepared.

For example, if you need to show proof of your ticket at the airport when you leave and your phone or ipad is flat, then you will have a problem. 

Or you need to ring home but your phone is flat and you cant remember Mum's phone number.

So, print all documents, phone numbers for all contacts back home (don’t forget the ones mentioned above like banks etc) etc and bring over in paper form just in case. 

Print out your insurance policy as well so you can refer to it without waiting till the power comes back on.

Print out your hotel confirmations, you may expect to use their wifi when you arrive, and even though the power is on, their wifi is off (common problem here as well)

Print out your tour confirmations or any transfers

Go through your electronic device and just write down everything to bring with you.  

Most major hotels have generators, so if staying in a small hotel or homestay just check with your hotel that they have a generator and how many hours a day will they have it on in case of a blackout.    This will be the time you need to charge your devices.



Bali has earthquakes, with or without volcanic activity - with a highly active volcano on the Island, there is a higher chance of earth movement closer to Mt Agung but you are going to a country prone to earthquakes.  There is no need to worry, there hasn't even been one death here from an earthquake in over a decade.  You can read our blog about preparing for an earthquake, which was written after the largest one to date felt by tourists....which was just a little shake.

Ash Delays while in Bali

Click for all the information on what to do if your flight is delayed due to an Ash Cloud

Unplanned Adventures

So, maybe a little ash headed your way, or where you planned to stay, that's fine, Bali is a big Island, what a great excuse for an unplanned adventure


The information here is provided as a Guide, always check with your Insurer with regard to their policies, be aware that any minor eruption can be considered a new event so check and check again before travelling.
Mt Agung Status within 6km of Mt Agung's crater only is at Level 4 (Caution), do not enter that area under any circumstances.

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